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It was on a spirit of excellence that in 1840 William Rhodes founded his business in the heart of Yorkshire, which was soon to become one of the most respected names in bed manufacturing.

This was the very beginning of Somnus, a company which built rapidly an enviable reputation for the manufacture of luxury beds through innovation and quality.

The philosophy continues today with the introduction of the unique Sensa iP intelligent pocket spring system and probably a ‘world first’ with an exclusive model containing over 19,000 springs. Somnus is also, committed to production processes with a reduced carbon footprint, by developing sustainable resources ensuring each hand made bed will provide comfort and integrity – for the rest of your life.

Sensa iP Intelligent Pocket springs

This multi-tiered spring system, we believe is the most advanced in the world allowing significantly more springs to be built into every bed in the Somnus Collections.

The superior system dissipates the sleeper’s weight across a greater number of independent Sensa iP Intelligent Pocket springs.

Each mattress features ‘less turn’ technology and may be specified in either regular or firmer support – comfort just right for you.


Somnus was founded on a history of excellence and quality with a proud tradition of developing exceptional craftsmanship skills, essential requirements in the hand crafting of each Somnus bed.

Hand sewing and side stitching, are traditional methods to positively connect the border to the Sensa iP Intelligent Pocket springs to create a mattress with total integrity and provide the most durable edge to edge support possible.

For the natural fillings hand teasing is acknowledged as, by far the best method of blending the fibres to create unique blends which will retain their breathable qualities and freshness, for a healthy sleeping environment.

100% Natural fillings

Only the best quality luxuriously pure, natural upholstery fillings are selected by Somnus for superior levels of comfort, breathability and support.

Yorkshire Dales eco wool which is naturally resilient, has been developed on the Somnus Farm, establishing the policy of using only the best materials sourced locally wherever possible.

Hand teased horsehair is selected for its inherent breathability and temperature control with 100% pure Hemptex produced on the Somnus farm together with Egyptian cotton, cashmere, mohair and silk.

Together these provide in each Somnus mattress, the right blend of super soft resilience and reassuring warmth for unsurpassed luxury and comfort.

Zip & Link

Each bed in the Concordia Collection may be specified as the Zip & Link option where the bed is made in two halves.

This enables each mattress to be made with either regular or firmer support to suit the sleepers' individual preference.

The beds are easily connected together by a specialist zip system or may be separated for use as single beds for guests should the requirement arise.

This option is also extremely useful for installation into bedrooms or a house where access is limited.

Pillow Top Comfort System

The Pillow Top Comfort System has been carefully designed by Somnus to provide an outstanding level of comfort and support not usually available on a 'Non Turn' mattress.

A very high number of Somnus Sensa iP Intelligent Pocket springs are encased into the pillow top and layered with exclusive blends of superior wools, developed on the Somnus farm to produce a superior long lasting level of luxury comfort.

The core mattress contains Sensa iP springs and further layers of high quality natural upholstery produced exclusively by Somnus.

The mattress borders are hand finished with either two or three rows of side stitching, with superior strong mattress handles and nickel ventilators, for practicality and breathability.


Somnus have Specially developed Somstretch, a unique high performance, breathable damask mattress fabric, which is available on selected models.

Woven with a unique combination of natural Viscose and Viscolan elastic for supreme comfort and breathability.

This luxury fabric controls temperature and works in total harmony with the sleepers' body and sleeping positions.

The EdgeGuard Base System

Each divan bed base, in the Somnus Concordia Collection has been specially designed to work I harmony with each sumptuous mattress.

EdgeGuard is a technically advanced sprung edge base system developed by Somnus sleep specialists to provide a unique combination of edge to edge support.

The Somnus farm

Somnus understand that care of the environment is vital for all our futures and therefore at every stage of land use, production and manufacturing, processes are considered with responsibility.

Committed to a reduced carbon footprint, Somnus grow their own resources locally wherever possible, effectively reducing unnecessary transport miles and therefore creating less impact on the environment.

The Somnus Farm, ideally situated in Yorkshires beautiful Wharfe valley is central to future plans and provides the right opportunity to bring the Somnus vision to grow and develop a diverse variety of traditional fibres for fillings which are sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable, into reality.

Five year guarantee

All beds manufactured by Somnus are guaranteed for five years. In the unlikely event of a defect becoming apparent, in either the craftsman building process or the materials used, the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the discretion of Somnus.