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Buying Guide


Select your mattress type

A complete bed or mattress is an investment which determines the quality of your sleep, so take the time to lie on a number of options before committing to a final purchase. After all, we spend an estimated one third of our lives sleeping, so it is important to choose the right mattress!

There are many mattress and base options to test, including Pocket Sprung with natural luxury fillings, Memory Foam, Latex or a mixture of both to name a few. All from the top brands we trust.

Choose your comfort

Choosing the comfort and tension of a mattress is paramount in ensuring the perfect night’s sleep. On average the most time we spend in one place is in our beds, so as we’re sure you’ll agree, the importance of laying on a mattress before you purchase it, can’t be stressed enough!

Options for mattresses include soft, medium, firm or even orthopaedic support. If you share a bed and require different options, there are mattresses which can be made with different tension on each side too, these are known as zip and link mattresses, so you and you partner don’t have to compromise on comfort and sleep quality.

Consider your space

A common sleeping issue is not having enough space, so invest in as large a bed as possible according to your budget and space available. Choose from a wide range of sizes including Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King or larger.

An ottoman divan is something we would highly recommend for the smaller room, as it provides you with additional hidden storage space which is accessible no matter how small a room. This way, you can still have bedside tables or chest of drawers without the worry of them being in the way of traditional divan drawers.

Consider your base

The base you pair your mattress with will affect how your mattress feels, so be sure to ask one of our furnishing consultants for advice to ensure you have the right combination for your requirements.

Choose from drawer or non-drawer divans, sprung edge or platform top divans, ottoman divans or even one of our many wooden and upholstered bedsteads. And don’t forget to choose from our extensive range of headboards to perfectly complement your divan too.

The finishing touches

Remember, to get the best out of your new mattress by pairing it with a good quality mattress protector. Mattress protectors are designed to act as a shield to prolong and protect the mattress surface. Hatfields stock a range of specialist mattress protectors which are designed with some of the following benefits in mind; waterproofing, temperature control, bedbug protection and to be hypoallergenic.

Never underestimate the importance of a pillow for a good night’s sleep either. Pillows are the mattress for your head, ensuring that you have correct posture for a comfortable sleep. We offer a wide range of pillows with various fillings to match or contrast with your mattress. Choose from feather and down or a combination of both, together with microfibre and memory foam.

Choose Hatfields with confidence

Visit our showrooms where you will find a choice of beds, mattresses, headboards and pillows to suit every requirement. We are stockists for many of the top bed brands too, including Tempur, Dunlopillo, Vispring, Sealy, Backchoice, Sealy Activsleep, Somnus, HyBed and Mammoth.

Our expert furnishing consultants will be on hand should you require advice with your purchase. We invite you to try the comfort of the mattresses in our showrooms to ensure you find the right bed for you.

Hatfields can arrange to collect and dispose of your old mattress for a small fee which can be arranged at the point of sale, as task which customers often difficult with such a large item – so let us take that stress away .Plus, we offer FREE local delivery to your home on all orders over £500†.