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The unique Tempur Mattress and Pillow range is revolutionising the bedroom - giving millions of people the great night's sleep they have longed for. Once you have experienced Tempur you will understand how this technology can change your life.

The reasons to purchase a Tempur bed speak for themselves, but to really taste the experience you must test these luxurious mattresses in person at our store.





Tempur® Hybrid

Tempur® Original

Tempur® Cloud

Tempur® Sensation

Advanced TEMPUR® material relieves pressurepoints,and dual layers of Precision™ Micro Coils support and react to your movements. The QuickRefresh™ cover can be easily unzipped and washed.

Hybrid Supreme

Hybrid Elite

Hybrid Luxe

The TEMPUR® Original Collection continues to deliver the core benefits that got TEMPUR noticed around the world - outstanding comfort and support for the whole body for those who prefer a firmer comfort level.

Original 21

Original Deluxe 22

Original Deluxe 27

Cloud is for those who desire superior support, but enjoy sleeping on a mattress with a softer feel, the innovative TEMPUR Cloud Collection is the epitome of luxury, delivering a feeling of instant relaxation...

Cloud 21

Cloud Deluxe 22

Cloud Deluxe 27

Enjoy the benefits of TEMPUR Material combined with a specially cut, durable base creating the sensation of springs. The Sensation Collection delivers supreme comfort and support for a restful sleep.

Sensation 21

Sensation Deluxe 22

Sensation Deluxe 27




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Tempur AuthenticTempur NasaDeveloped by NASA - Tempur is a high-tech, visco-elastic material developed originally by NASA for its US space programme in the 70s. It is the only GENUINE Tempur material which makes the mattresses and pillows.

Unique Cellular Structure - Tempur is temperature sensitive and allows it to truly mould to your exact contours eliminating back and neck problems. The open cell structure also allows air to flow through the mattress maintaining your temperature.

10 Year Guarantee - All Tempur Mattresses come with a select 10 year guarantee* so you have peace of mind for the future.

TempurUltimate comfort - The range of Tempur mattresses and Tempur adjustable beds means relaxing on a Sunday morning listening to music or simply reading a book has never been easier. And because the Tempur material absorbs motion you won't feel your partners' movements and so your sleep won't be disturbed.

Recommended - Over 30,000 Medical Professionals around the globe recommend the Tempur products - Tempur mattress, Tempur pillow, Tempur adjustable bed - to their patients suffering from sleep difficulties, back, joint or neck problems.

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